MDB Insight can help your community succeed with market research, analytics, and actionable strategies for workforce development, economic development, tourism development, and municipal services.

The Integrated Advantage

Market Research & Analysis

Don’t be limited by publicly available data that falls short of the scope or geography you require to inform your next decision. MDB Insight combines primary market research with industry-leading analytical expertise, giving you data collection options tailored to your specific local requirements. Relevant, meaningful metrics are delivered, whether in a municipal, regional, provincial, or national context. This data is combined with our integrated subject area expertise to give you evidence-based, compelling, and actionable reports, plans, and strategies.


MDB Insight provides strategic labour market planning, expert labour supply analysis, and actionable plans to support next-level workforce attraction and retention efforts that are aligned with your community’s economic development goals.

We help workforce developers proactively use real-time labour market information.


Our integrated approach is delivered by a team that knows how to creatively strengthen your community’s development efforts – from business expansion and investment attraction programming, to investment readiness, product development, and a full range of economic development essentials. We deliver strategies and plans that are actionable and support short- and long-term objectives.


From citizen satisfaction to strategic planning, MDB Insight gives you access to a suite of tools, analytical approaches, and consulting experience that leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of your community’s goals. Every tool and approach ensures that each of your objectives translates into a clear set of priorities supported by actionable guidance and expert direction.

Tourism Development

We have the experience to guide your community in making better decisions about tourism marketing and product development. This knowledge is more important than ever in the post Covid era, with adjustments needed for tourism offerings, planning, and promotions. We will guide you on the best tourism programs to attract new visitors, and engage returning tourists. Further, we can help you to identify business opportunities for new attractions, which will impact economic development and workforce development.

Community-Centric Expertise 

Years of experience in workforce development, economic development, and municipal services means the MDB Insight team better understands your community’s entire landscape and can provide holistic, practical, and implementable solutions. In addition, our staffing model isn’t typical, as we have no entry-level positions. Team members have strong backgrounds, academic credentials, and industry qualifications. And, importantly, our senior experts are hands-on with every project.

See How MDB Insight Thinks

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