Our Mission and Values


MDB Insight acts as a creative force to connect communities with opportunity in a rapidly changing economy.


We are innovators who collaborate with our clients to design unique and progressive tools, systems and strategies.

Our solutions foster a participatory environment that enables responsible economic growth, social innovation, and environmental sustainability.

We are trusted advisors whose integrity, expertise, and thought-leadership contribute to the success of our clients and the long-term growth of the firm.


Be passionate.

Be curious.

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Commitment to improving the world.

(Even if it’s just one place at a time.)

We know how crucial economic and workforce development and market research are to the resilience and recovery of communities. Together, these continue to be our focus as we stand with you at this time of tremendous uncertainty.

Since 2007, MDB Insight has been connecting communities with opportunity and bringing thought leadership to these core practice areas. We’re working to help and inform community leaders as this pandemic forces changes to plans and priorities, and we’ll be ready to help down the road when post-pandemic strategies will be integral to community recovery.

We sincerely want to help  – please reach out anytime. Being of service is our primary goal.

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