Our MDB Insight team is collecting and sharing resources that we believe may be particularly helpful to communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes our own supportive initiatives as well as resources from other sources. We will update this page as new material becomes available.

What We’re Doing

Insight: Canada’s Economic Development Podcast – this MDB Insight initiative launched in early 2020 and turned its attention to the COVID-19 pandemic starting with Episode 3. We will continue to cover relevant and emerging issues – check out our latest episode focused on BR+E. To access the podcast click here.

Workforce Development Podcast – this collaboration between MDB Insight and our partners at Workforce Central Canada includes ongoing topics of interest to workforce development professionals. To access the podcast click here.

Leadership Forum – Workforce Central Canada presented a live forum dedicated to post-pandemic recovery on May 13, 2020. To view the video of that thought-provoking conversation, click here

Triage BR+E – we’re working with a growing number of communities employing this unique and affordable approach to business outreach. We’d be happy to walk you through the details and options available so you too can better support your business community by understanding the story this data reveals. Our recently enhanced Triage BR+E platform now provides even better KPI improvements and vital tracking capabilities over time. And we now have a valuable Index that offers comparative data from several communities.

Workforce Pulse and Vicinity Jobs Labour Market Information – the labour market impact of Coronavirus is significant and requires reliable, local data to inform planning and workforce strategies. Talk with us to find out what data is available in your region and how you can use it to best advantage. We’re compiling provincial and regional data on an ongoing basis and can help you compare your situation to other jurisdictions: click here.

Business Impact Surveys – we have been working with several municipalities to collect current data and provide a comprehensive analysis of the true impact of COVID-19 on local businesses. 

Contact Chris Bandak for further details and pricing.

A Tailored Suite of Economic Recovery Solutions – for more about the supports we have developed to help communities with recovery efforts, please click here.

Additional Resources

UNWTO World Tourism Organization Supporting Jobs and Economies Through Travel & Tourism: A Call for Action to Mitigate the Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 and Accelerate Recovery

metroeconomics projections– We regularly work with Tom McCormack and his team at metroeconomics when it comes to needing specialized forecasting and economic impact assessments. This report (April 2020) shows the potential impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. and Canadian economies:

Conference Board of Canada – implications and economic impact:

International Economic Development Council (IEDC) – information related to COVID-19 and its economic impacts:

City Nation Place – place branding and place marketing aimed at sustainable tourism and economic development:

Labour Market Information Council (LMIC)the Now of Work Annotated Bibliography features summaries of recent reports examining the implications of COVID-19.

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